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Unfoldingobject Group Exhibition, Concord Art, MA

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Unfoldingobject Group Exhibition
June 20 through August 11, 2019
Opening June 20 6-8 pm
Panel June 26 6-8 pm
Concord Art, 37 Lexington Road, Concord, MA

Curated by artist and teacher Todd Bartel, Unfoldingobject showcases varying ways in which artists combine visual imagery to make collages.

The term “unfoldingobject” is a neologism coined by the Bartel, “to describe that quality in art that inspires repeat looking.” Bartel further describes, “I tried to pull together a group of collages that celebrate the importance of ‘listening to the picture,’ or champions a slow read, or otherwise reveal’s meaning through multiple viewings—artwork that unfolds messages and connections in time, rather than being immediately deliverable in an instant.”

Bartel points out, “collage is a celebration of unrelated and retrofitted images and materials that together produce a transformation; I’m fond of telling my students 1 + 1 = 3—One thing plus another thing equals a third thing.”