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Cut Me Up Magazine


Cut Me Up Magazine is a participatory magazine of visual call and response. Each issue presents a call—a curated selection of original collage images that will become raw material for reader-artists to respond by cutting, reconfiguring, and transforming them into new artworks, in response to curatorial calls addressing contemporary issues. The newly created responses form the content of the next issue.

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Cut Me Up Magazine is a visual call and response dialogue in printed form.

The first call consists of eighteen original collages that I created for the inaugural issue. They were an offering to be considered, absorbed, and then deconstructed by cutting, modifying, or transforming them — using them to make new works.

The collages featured in this issue use handmade and found paper fragments to reveal the transformative power of the creative process and channel the magic of the everyday world. These works explore personal experiences, including spirituality; themes of growth, deterioration and rebirth; ritual; and secret dreams. Made between 2016-2018, they capture a span in which my life changed in many profound ways.

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Cut Me Up

Issue 2: Inside Out

Issue 2: Inside Out, was curated by myself and artist John Whitlock, featuring 19 original artworks selected from the responses to Issue 1.

The featured artists unearthed layers of imagery and meaning from the works in Issue 1, transmuting and integrating these using personal iconographies and material processes.

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Cut Me Up

Issue 3: Tabula Rasa

Issue 3: Tabula Rasa, was curated by artist and curator Todd Bartel, in response to his curatorial call. He has asked artists to reflect on the condition of the planet through the lens of landscape, erasure, and blankness.

His full call can be found here: Cut Me Up Submissions Issue 3